Beefayre Bee Calm Votive Candle Lavender & Geranium

Beefayre Bee Calm Votive Candle Lavender & Geranium


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Beefayre Bee Calm Votive Candle Lavender & Geranium has a beautiful fragrance helping promote relaxation, tranquillity and harmony.  The hand poured votive candle is made from natural plant wax and are vegan friendly.  The recycled glass with a bee print comes beautifully presented and wrapped in Beefayre's botanical printed box.

Beefayre Bee Calm Votive Candle Lavender & Geranium is made with essential oils that promote relaxation, tranquillity and harmony. The hand poured, natural plant wax candle, in recycled glass jar with honey bee print, come boxed and wrapped in Beefayre’s botanical print. The vegan friendly candles are the perfect way to gently fragrance a room.  Burn time approximately 25 hours.

Beefayre uses extracts of the purest honey, pollen and propolis, from healthy bees, which have wonderful healing properties.  The products are handmade in England and only use the very highest quality natural ingredients.  The packaging is inspired by the honey bee and its natural habitat.  Beefayre donate 3% of profits to bee conservation and research.   The company’s aim is promote health and happiness whilst informing the public about the plight of the honey bee.  We are delighted to support this and carry this collection.



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